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1. What is Saviour's Career Planner?
Saviour's Career Planner is a career guidance program of Saviour Core Consutlant Pvt Ltd, which helps students of Std. IX to XII choose a career best suited for them on the basis of their aptitude, personality and interest.

Prior to the online Aptitude-Personality-Interest assessment, Saviour's Career Planner begins with an orientation explaining the basics of career planning, which is followed by input taken by the student and parents on career dreams and expectations.

Based on the test results and inputs given by the student and parents, a detailed customised report is prepared, which is also supplemented with a career roadmap and support by e-mail.

The Saviour's Career Planner Plus includes a face-to-face personal interaction with a Saviour's Career Planner career counsellor.

2. Does Saviour's Career Planner help me score higher in my school exit exams?
Although your Saviour's Career Planner score does not directly impact your school performance, it does give a clearer indication of your overall performance in life. Apart from suggesting the career best suited for you, it also indicates your areas of weakness. This helps you gain a proper direction into areas that require more effort, indirectly helping you to enhance your marks. How Saviour's Career Planner can help you

3. What is the age limit to take the Saviour's Career Planner assessment?
Saviour's Career Planner has been standardized to give realistic and comprehensive assessment for students in clas IX to XII. If you are this age group, Saviour's Career Planner will work for you.

4. How many times can I take Saviour's Career Planner?
One should not take the Saviour's Career Planner quizzes more than once, unless the results of the first time clearly indicate that a retest is desirable. However, the recommendation for a retest by Saviour's Career Planner experts is quite rare. If it is reccomended, the Saviour's Career Planner retest is conducted free of any further charges.

5. What is the role of parents in the Saviour's Career Planner process?
The Saviour's Career Planner team firmly believes that parents play a key role in shaping a child ’s career. Parents are in a position to make valid observations regarding their children. This goes a long way in enabling Saviour's Career Planner experts to know the test-taker better. Information gathered from parents is not only utilized while making the Saviour's Career Planner reports but is quite crucial for a realistic assessment.

6. I don’t have ready access to the Internet. Can I take Saviour's Career Planner offline?
Saviour's Career Planner has been designed as an online process. However, if you do not have access to the Internet, just write to us at Saviour's Career and mention your location. We will help you reach a Saviour's Career Planner Assessment center close to you.

7. How will my scores and report reach me?
You will get your Saviour's Career Planner Report 3-4 days after completing the online assessment. You can access the report from the website, using your Saviour's Career Planner username and password.

8. How long is a quiz? If I don't finish it in one go, can I continue later?
The Saviour's Career Planner quizzes are not time bound. You can take them at your own pace. However, there are two conditions:
a) You need to take all the quizzes on the same computer.
b) You must finish taking all the Aptitude-Personality-Interest quizzes within 180 days, as your enrollement will expire after that time. It is recommended that you take the quizzes within a span of 4-6 days so that you are able to maintain a good tempo, while motivation remains high. An even flow of answers furthers a more accurate score

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